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A good sign for Cherry Hinton?

March 25, 2011

The sign at the entrance to Cherry Hinton, opposite the Robin Hood, is one of the most charming bits of the village. But unfortunately it has fallen into disrepair, with the paint extremely worn and faded.

This is a pretty poor show from the City Council and from our local councillors. It should be possible to have the sign professionally painted for under £1000. Its poor state is a huge lost opportunity for the village; a brightly coloured, attractive sign is a great way to welcome people in, and to build pride in the community. Worse still, the ongoing damage to the wood, now in many places unprotected by paint, will end up costing much more to put right than if the sign had been repainted a few years ago.

I have been in touch with the City Council to get the repainting done under the Environmental Improvements Fund, which is a fund of several hundred thousand pounds a year. The Council officers are keen on the idea and I will push for the local councillors to approve this scheme at the next South Area committee on May 18th.

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